Loyalty Scheme


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As a family run business we highly value our loyal customers. In return we now offer a Loyalty Reward Card Scheme, where you will earn 4 pence for every pound spent. Whenever you make a purchase at Tenterden House Interiors, Manor Row Interiors or Tenterden Beds, just ask one of our staff members if you can sign up for a card. Your card will accumulate 1 point (4 pence) per £1 every time you spend, which will be credited to your card for you to spend how you wish.


As an extra thank you, if you accrue 5,000 points (£200) on your card you will be rewarded even further. We will present you with a £400 pound gift voucher which will be valid for six months.


-Earn 4 pence for every £1 spent
-A spend of £5,000 = £200. However, this then doubles and a £400 reward voucher is presented.


We look forward to your continued and valued custom. 


Can I earn points on all my purchases?

 Any purchase can earn points in any of our shops apart from 'Clearance Interiors'. However, points cannot be earned on paint, discounted items, sale goods, interest free purchases or in conjunction with any other offers unless otherwise stated.


Can I redeem my points at any time? 

You may use your points in any of our shops apart from Clearance Interiors whenever you wish. Voucher spends do not accrue any points. Points cannot be used to buy gift vouchers.


What happens when I accrue 5000 points? 

When you reach 5000 points (a £5,000 spend) you will receive your £400 reward voucher which will be valid for six months and your card points will return to zero. If the voucher is not completely used within 6 months you will lose the use of this voucher. All vouchers will be dated and back-up with a receipt.


What happens if I forget my Loyalty Card when I am shopping?

 Make a member of staff aware that you are a loyalty card holder and that you do not have the card with you. You will then have the chance to bring back the card and receipt within the next 28 days to register your points.


What happens if I lose my loyalty card? 

Tenterden House Interiors and Manor Row Interiors will not be held responsible for lost or stolen cards. If your card is lost and needs to be replaced, all existing points will be lost. We strongly advise all customers to keep their cards safe and secure.


How soon will my points be registered? 

Your reward points will register on your account the next working day following your card being scanned.


Points can only be earned and redeemed in the shops mentioned above, not via our website or by telephone.

Points may not be redeemed for cash.

Points will not be issued for purchases made prior to the activation of the card. Our loyalty system was introduced on 10/03/2017

Tenterden House Interiors, Manor Row Interiors and Tenterden Beds reserve the right to amend or withdraw loyalty points at any time.

Tenterden House Interiors, Manor Row Interiors and Tenterden Beds reserve the right to change or cancel the terms of the scheme at any time.

The above terms and conditions do not affect any statutory rights that a loyalty card holder may have.